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General Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Patients

Comprehensive Care for Every Need

No matter what your child needs, we have it. From protective sealants to gentle root canals for little teeth, we are here to keep children’s smiles strong, healthy, and vibrant.


Sealants are such a great option for kids! Simply painted onto the rough and textural exterior of a child’s tooth, they create a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. The protective sealant also makes it much harder for bacteria to get a foothold and helps prevent childhood tooth decay.

White Fillings

No matter how careful you are to prevent cavities, once in a while they happen. Some kids have deeper grooves in their teeth, while others are just more susceptible to the bacteria that cause cavities, or have some difficulty with proper brushing. Whatever the case, we carefully assess your child’s needs and discuss your options with you. We believe in always using the safest and longest lasting materials possible, and never use metal fillings in any teeth.

Stainless Steel and White Crowns

If your child has suffered from severe decay, trauma, or has need for a root canal, we recommend either white or stainless steel crowns. The choice will be based on your child’s age, habits, and the extent of the repair. Neither our tooth-colored nor stainless steel crowns contain any harmful mercury, and they are strong, long-lasting and comfortable.

Root Canals

Traumatized or severely decayed teeth in which the nerve is infected, often require root canals – even in baby teeth. Why do we perform root canals on baby teeth? These little teeth are not dispensable. If we pull a baby tooth too soon, it can take years before a new tooth grows in. This can not only affect your child’s confidence and ability to chew comfortably, but it can also cause the remaining teeth to shift and move to fill in the gap which may lead to problems with both the teeth and the jaw. A root canal will stabilize and save the tooth by removing infection from the pulp, or the soft tissue inside the tooth’s roots.

If your child is experiencing a toothache, especially if it’s constant and throbbing, please give us a call. He or she may have damage or an infection that requires a root canal.

Oral Surgery

For your peace of mind and your child’s comfort, we do all oral surgery procedures right here at Kid Island Dental. Our trusted oral surgeon is highly trained and qualified to deal with even the most extensive surgery, and we offer sedation dentistry, if needed, to keep your child relaxed and free of pain. We even offer IV sedation for wisdom tooth removal.

Emergency Care

As parents, we know that when an emergency happens, we want our children to feel as safe and secure as possible. That’s why we offer emergency care, right here at the practice your children know and love, seven days a week. If you have any kind of dental emergency, please call us right away!